All you should expect in a wine tour

There are different ways for you to take part in a wine tour Tuscany. You can decide to plan the all tour on your own, using a wine tour map and the help of the internet. You can also use a wine tour company to fulfill your wine tour goals. If you have never been on a wine tour before, it is better if you got help from experts or a professional wine tour company.

When you decide to tour on your own, the costs will not be that huge. Many wineries do not charge for a wine tour and you can also sample the wine for free. There can be smaller charges to cover the cost of wine sampling but it won’t be that much. If you are interested in tasting a specialty wine, you should expect extra charges.
If you will be going for that wine tasting tour through the help of a professional tour company, you should expect to spend more. The tour company will provide the means of transportation between wineries. The total cost of transportation will depend on the area that you will be touring. Before you choose a tour company, do research, and compare the costs.
A walk to the vineyard
Apart from the spending part and how you will get to the winery, you should expect a walk into the winery. Your host will discuss the grapes grown in the region, the harvesting process as well as the wine production part. It is through the tour that you will know the different stages of winemaking. You should expect to go through the tasting process. After the tasting, you can visit the winery gift shop to make a purchase.

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