The job hunt and cost of living in Canada

Getting a Permanent Residency canada, Canadais a good thing, and if it happens to you, then you need to have all the information that you can about how you will settle in your new country. You will need to know how you will contact your job hunt and how the cost of living is in Canada.

The job hunt
Applying or looking for a job in Canada is a process that is lengthy and might be much longer than what you are used to as you try to establish your networks and connections in your new home. Months can go by before you get a professional position, and thus, you will require to be patient and plan so that your settling in Canada goes on smoothly.
What it means is that:
• You will need to have with you enough funds that will sort you out for several months
• It would be best if you were prepared to start on a non-professional job in the short term, but you have to keep on being on the lookout for you to move to your career ladder
• You have to think as well as act like a Canadian before you jet into Canada. It means that you will have to adapt to the Canadian resume format, be proactive, and network.
• Check out the websites that offer jobs in Canada
• Ensure that you have the latest employment data for your industry
Cost of living
You have to avoid getting a harsh Canadian welcome by getting information about the basic living cost in the city you are going to settle in before moving. If you move before knowing how much rent or transport will cost you, you don’t have to blame the city, but yourself.

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