What are the common steps that will get you a verified Instagram account?

In the last few years, we have seen the success of Instagram in a very short period and so many people are being interested to become a part of this significant social media platform every day. Instagram was created in 2010, since then, it has never stopped once to make us amazed. With a growing rate of popularity, Instagram is still inventing creative and new fancy features to entertain the users.

For example- IGTV, videos, etc are one of the many trendy features of Instagram these days. People are having fun by using these amazing features and especially, the brand owners are trying their best to make their place by creating a successful business profile on Instagram.
It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big, with proper tips, and by following a few basic rules, anyone can get their account verification.
Having a verified Instagram account is very important for business profiles to market or promote their brand globally. But the process is not that simple and not anyone with an Instagram account can have access to that blue tick which will make the account verified.
If you don’t know yet about ‘how to verify Instagram account’, then you can have legit information from many reliable online sources.
However, there is another option for you and that is to ‘buy instagram verification badgeof yours from sources that are reputable enough.
Criteria you need to get verification
 You and your profile need to have authentic information about yourself
 You need to follow every mentioned guidelines and term of service of Instagram
 Your profile has to be public, unique, and complete before you request for verification
 You need to be a notable individual who has been mentioned by plenty of official news sources and searched and tagged by a huge amount of followers

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