Yoga: The Key To The Whole Body Fitness And Mental Health

Since many centuries ago, the one form of exercise that helps in keeping your body fit and healthy to a great extent is yoga. Even if you have any physical or mental health problems, with the help of yoga it can be solved smoothly. There are different poses that you can follow if you face pain in certain parts of your body, and there are specific exercises that are suited for such conditions, and with the yoga poses they can be solved quickly without any problems. Keeping yourself fit is vital for our general well-being these days. And it is highly recommended by many people to follow yoga, not only to have a peace of mind but also to keep their bodies fit and flexible and follow a healthy lifestyle for better mental health.

The poses for a fit body
There are certain particular poses that a person can follow to make their whole body fit. From the many, you can follow a certain few for better results. They are as follows
● Downward dog: A position in which, the plans and the feet are resting on the ground with the hips raised in the hair, forming an inverted V. You need to hold it for five short breaths, and breathing through your nose.
● High Lunge: You can shift to this position from the downward-facing dog pose. You need to bring your right foot forward and raise both your hands to the sky. Stretching the whole body and relaxing it, you can become fit as a fiddle.
● Planks: There are two types of this exercise, one is the downward plank whereas the other is a side plank, which helps in straightening the body and steadies the body of the people.
With these few tips, havingsound mental health is very easy.

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